The Friends of the Tipton Public Library is a non-profit corporation that focuses positive public attention on library services and needs.  The Friends encourage gifts of books, magazines, desirable collectibles, bequests, and endowments to the library.  The Friends were organized on January 17, 1959, as listed in the Articles of Incorporation.  Over the years, we have met many challenges by promoting reading and library services for both children and adults.  Book sales and memberships are our money making events.  The sales include an ongoing book sale and Christmas sale at the library.  Our two major sales are comprised of one that is held in the spring, and another one in the fall.

So please join Friends of the Tipton Public Library and keep our library functioning during these economic-stressed times.  New members are welcomed throughout the year.

Membership Fees:

Supporting - $25.00 or more per year

Family - $10.00 per year

Individual - $5.00 per year

Student - $2.00 per year


Click here for membership form.