Use a computer

Internet and Technology Policy

Responsibilities of Patrons

·         Patrons have access to technology for use in the library. Patrons wishing to use the computers must not have overdue items on their library account.

·         Internet resources and computer access through the library are provided equally to all. Children have access to the same resources as adults. It is the right and responsibility of parents/guardians to guide their children in the selection of resources compatible with the values and beliefs of their family. The library cannot act in loco parentis and urges parents to work with their own children in their use of internet resources.

·         Users may not incur any costs to the TPL through access to fee-for-service information providers, shopping online or any other internet use.

·         Users should safely share personal information (name, address, password, telephone number, school or work, credit card number, etc.) on the internet. This includes but is not limited to email, instant messaging, online purchasing, social media sites, and commercial sites. The library is not responsible for security of personal information shared on or with non-library sites.

·         The internet is not a secure, private environment. Customers handling financial transactions or other confidential activities do so at their own risk. Electronic communication is not absolutely secure and is subject to outside intervention.

·         The internet is an unregulated global computer network. The library cannot guarantee the accuracy and /or authenticity of information discovered through this resource. Patrons who find information or subject matter that is erroneous, out of date, illegal, offensive, and/or controversial should contact the original producer or distributor of that work directly.

·         The TPL is not responsible for damage incurred to a patron’s personal storage devices or personal laptops or for any loss of data, damage or liability that may occur from patron use of the library’s internet services.

·         Patrons should log off any personal online accounts after using library computers and save any work created during the session to a personal device or account. All library computers are restarted after each individual use. Upon restart, any data saved on the computers is deleted and the computers revert to default library settings.


Time Limits

·         Computers are available for those 12 and older for one session daily up to 60 minutes. Computers are available for those 11 and younger for one session daily up to 30 minutes.

·         Patrons may request an extension of computer time based on availability.

·         Arrangements for extended use for proctored exams or job searching/resume work may also be made.


Staff Assistance

·         Library staff may be able to answer basic computer questions.

·         Due to liability, the staff does not repair personal computers or devices. Nor does the staff check personal systems for viruses, malware or other damages to the computer or device.


Ethical Use

·         Staff reserves the right to end a session if there is suggestion of misconduct, misuse, or illegal use of library computers and personal devices accessing the library’s wireless service.

·         Violations of the internet/computer policy will result in the suspension or loss of internet/computer privileges.

·         Illegal acts involving library computers or personal devices accessing the library’s wireless service may also be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities. It is against Iowa law to download or provide child pornography, or display pornography where it may be seen by children (Iowa Code, chapter 728.2


   Wireless Access at the Library

·         Unfiltered, wireless internet access is provided free of charge to anyone using their personal laptop computer or device equipped with functioning wireless or wired network connection.

·         The library assumes no responsibility for wireless users’ equipment or software and cannot guarantee the security of your files or transmissions.


Reviewed/approved by the Library Board of Trustees, April 2020